Student Starts Young Politicians Club

Student Starts Young Politicians Club

Matthew Parodi

Signs have been up all over the school promoting the new club sponsored by Mr. Nelson.

With all the election process and campaigning happening right now, political prowess is at its highest. The Louisburg High School Young Politicians Club is also a big recent topic and the outcome of one senior’s Graduation Research Project.

Harrison Unthank came up with the plan for this club for his GRP and he found the right man to help—Jason Nelson, government teacher. Unthank has always found something intriguing about politics.

Photo by Mathew Parodi

“My parents thought I should do something like that and I was interested in politics,” Unthank said.

One meeting has already taken place and so far the club has a fairly good following. The future of the club has potential and new members, take note of that.

“It will last, if you get the right group of people involved and get them for years to come,” Huntre Graham, new member of the YPC said.

Fortunately for the club, Unthank recruited one of the most avid political followers and passionate sponsors in the school by nabbing Nelson. He feels very strong about the future of the club.

“Absolutely, I think as long as kids are interested in bettering themselves politically and intellectually it will always be relevant. And since the aforementioned statement explains our entire student body…” Nelson said.

Clearly there is a future for this club and it has a strong start. Hopefully it will continue to better the student population and grow in numbers.

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