Select Choir performs at two colleges

Select Choir performs at two colleges

Jaden Scott

The LHS choir prepares for upcoming performances.

Select choir represented LHS on Mar. 4 at the University of Northwest Missouri State (NWMS) in Maryville. On Mar. 6, select choir also preformed at Wichita State University (WSU).

At WSU the LHS select choir worked with the one of the directors at the college, Dr. John Paul Johnson.

“It was more of a step toward contest,” Josh Staab, senior, said “It was nice working with other directors to get different perspectives.”

Although neither of these presentations were competitions, the select choir treated them as such.

“It seemed like we did much better [when presenting] than in rehearsals.” Staab said.

When the select choir was at Wichita State, they were one of six choirs there.

“It was nice to see how we did up against the other schools. I felt like we preformed at a higher level than the vast majority of them [choirs]” Andrew Yach, senior, said.

With a three hour drive to WSU, persistence gained a new definition. It was also a three hour drive to NWMS.

“We took it like a performance” Amelia Baumgardner, sophomore, said. “It wasn’t technically a competition.”

The select choir considered their performances a success. These performances helped them prepare for their Regional Contest on Apr. 14.

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