Staff Editorial: GRP Changes

To all seniors at LHS, the GRP is the capstone to their final year at high school. Once the yearlong project comes to a close they all know that the end of their year is near.

In the past, the GRP has been relatively consistent. Only minor changes here and there have been added to better the project. But, this year there is talk of big changes to come. The project is five years old and since the beginning, it has been complained about by both students and parents.

Yes, there will be changes. There are always changes, but complaining about them will not get rid of the project. The whole GRP was designed to help students and prepare them for what they will face in college and the real world. It is not a perfect system and all of the teachers will agree with that, but that is the whole reason that changes are made every year. If something does not work one year, then it will be changed the next in hopes to improve the project.

Though there is talk of GRP changes for the year to come the project itself will not be going away. Who knows, maybe there will be no actual project portion to the GRP? Perhaps there will be. There will be a senior project regardless of kicking and screaming. The structure of the GRP is to help, take it in stride, as the duty of being a student use it as a tool; it is an opportunity at our school that many others will never receive.

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