Staff Editorial: Joe White shares an important message

Staff Editorial: Joe White shares an important message

Connor Philgreen

Joe White and Kak Eli-Schneider, Washburn Rural teacher, made a strong impact on the students at LHS.

Joe White had been a senior at Washburn Rural High School in Topeka on Sept. 29, 2006, the day of the accident. He often enjoyed making homemade films and was planning on attending KU. Most of his movies had the same concept, based from the Jackass movie; he and his friends enjoyed performing stunts. The Joe White story was presented in the LHS auditorium, on Mar. 15, by Joe White himself.

During this particular stunt Joe and his friends were intoxicated. He jumped out of a car going 35 mph and it changed his life forever. He told us that at the time, he felt that he was too “cool” to spend time with his parents. Now Joe is a motivational speaker to tell his story despite his speaking and walking problems.

“Never, never, never give up,” White said.

At least some good can come from this terrible accident. He now warns high school students to think before they act, because the things that people do without thinking can change their lives forever.

It has been five years since the accident and he has not fully recovered yet. Despite his 85% chance of dying, he has survived. He said that at one point, he wanted to die, but he said he was not allowed to give up. He felt that if he was to pass on, then he should at least put up a fight, for his friends and family. This is the message that he is trying to convey to high school students to think before you act and that when times get tough, you should not give up.

After the assembly, many LHS students lined up to meet Joe White in person. Photo by Connor Philgreen.

“Second chance, second life,” White said.

LHS clearly supports Joe White and his endeavor to share his story to change lives. Many LHS students bought a wrist band that reads “NEVER GIVE UP”. These are the kinds of lessons that we can all learn from and should be encouraged to share.

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