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Hunger Games movie: the good, & and bad

Hunger Games movie: the good, & and bad

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Panem, a country in a future where North America is divided into 13 districts, until district 13 was obliterated by the hands of the Capital. District 13 was only made an example of to show the power of the Capital and a reason not to defy them, this happening after a massive revolution.

The Hunger Games is an annual televised event where each of the remaining 12 districts randomly draw the name of one boy and one girl, 12 years old and older, to fight to the death in events called “tributes”. The drawing of the names is called “the reaping”. This trilogy of books has enchanted many with its exciting storyline of the main character Katniss and her fight for her survival when she is chosen to be in the 74th annual Hunger Games.

Katniss, her mother, and her sister, Primrose, are sliding by on the game that Katniss hunts while they live in the poorest part of district 12, the “Seam”. Katniss and her friend Gale illegally hunt for survival as their tessera are not enough for them to live on. A tesserae is a token that is valid for a very meager year’s supply of grain and oil, but when people sign up for one, they also put their name into the drawing for the Hunger Games again, added to the others they have accumulated. With only one entry, Primrose is chosen. Katniss volunteers as tribute for district 12 along with Peeta Mellark.


“The Hunger Games” was a great movie. The storyline alone carried the movie a lot, but the movie was also an emotional rollercoaster. From the anxiety felt right before the games began, to the sadness felt when Rue dies, “The Hunger Games” kept the audience on their feet. The tension when Katniss is living her everyday life in the “Seam” was conveyed well. Another feeling that was conveyed well was the bittersweet that was supposed to be felt when Katniss and Peeta were in the Capital.

I do believe that the storyline is what drove people to the movies. Watching the favorite fiction novel on the screen is what most Hunger Games fans wanted to see. The main points of the book were also met quite well.


Any screenplay could be more specific, but “The Hunger Games” strayed a little too far. Some of the modifications could have been done to make the movie a little more digestible for people that had not read the book.

The mockingjay pin was not bought in the Hob. In the book, Madge, the mayor’s daughter, gave the pin to her after the reaping. The pin was also never given to Primrose to comfort her in the book.

Another mishap in the movie was when Peeta and Katniss held hands in the opening ceremony. The movie told the audience that Peeta initiated the hand holding, but Cina actually did. This is vital because it is the first indication that Cina is a rebel, this trait plays a huge role in the rest of the books.

Cato’s death was also incorrect in the movie, it lasted almost a whole day in the book, while in the movie Cato dies within ten minutes of them being on top of the cornucopia. It seems that all of these issues could be solved by simply making the movie longer, but the movie was already two and a half hours long. The producers could not really add much more before people start becoming bored.

A large part of fans’ disagreement with the movie was how Hollywood portrayed Peeta and Katniss’ relationship. Some people say that they turned “The Hunger Games” into a “Twilight” type of love story. “The Hunger Games”, the book, did not revolve around their love. The book revolved around Katniss’ survival. The “love” story was only made up so the District 12 tributes could get more sponsors to help them survive. The later books of “The Hunger Games” trilogy are where their relationship actually changes. There was some romance in the books, but definitely not as much as the movie had.


The Hunger Games was an above adequate movie, but mostly due to Suzanne Collins. The director did a great job conveying the story’s message with the given length of the movie. The love story, in my opinion, was overused to get people hooked on the upcoming movies. Overall, given the pros and cons I would give “The Hunger Games” movie a six out of ten and the book a nine out of ten. “The Hunger Games” is probably the best book I have ever read and one of the better screenplays I have seen.

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Hunger Games movie: the good, & and bad