Physics students judge Holy Rosary Wea science fair

Adam Daugherty

Dr. Larry Shirk, physics teacher, helps a student at the Queen of the Holy Rosary Wea school science fair.

John Stambaugh, Staff Writer

There is no better feeling than getting to witness the brilliant minds of young people go to work. Selected physics students from LHS had that feeling on Mar. 26 at Queen of the Holy Rosary Wea school when judging their science fair. The projects ranged from demonstrations of how static electricity functions to the invention of a turtle leash.

Louisburg has been judging the Holy Rosary Wea school science fair for many years.

“I have been sending students for five years,” Dr. Larry Shirk, physics teacher, said.  “I believe Mrs. Stevens was doing it before I was.”

Clearly it is a rich tradition and it is also great for the students. They get to see the awesome power of young minds’ finished work.

“I loved getting to see all the awesome projects offered, there were even some inventions that I was interested in buying.” Kenzie Ruder, senior, said.

The projects demonstrated a lot of things and some of them were quite “shocking” to see how they worked.

“I think my favorite demonstration was the static electricity demonstration, it was crazy!” Alex Hamby, junior, said.

Judging the science fair is a great opportunity for the students to have and it benefits both schools. Hopefully this tradition of greatly positive effects will continue for many years.

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