Broadcasting in the newspaper program



As the school year comes to a close, the LHS Pawprint Newspaper comes to a close as well. It’s been a great year working for the school newspaper. Whether it was writing an opinion on the stupidity of the people in the parking lot, complaining about math, or informing people on yesterday’s basketball game, I  highly enjoyed each and every story.

The student newspaper was a great class for me personally, because of my love for photography and writing. Students in this class are able to have a say in the stories that they write, which allows them to use their creativity. But, I think there is one aspect missing from the newspaper program at LHS that would allow students go even further with their talents and ideas: broadcasting.

The word itself is even exciting. Incorporating broadcasting into the newspaper program would inspire more students to be a part of the LHS Pawprint staff. The new program would allow for students who are not only interested in photography, but videography as well. Students in the class would get to experience every aspect of journalism.

In addition to inspiring more students to participate in the class, a broadcasting program could potentially lure in more viewers to the LHS Pawprint Website. Despite the hard work the newspaper staff puts into the stories, it’s safe to stay that many students do not read them, as they would prefer to watch and learn about certain topics, rather than take the time to read about them.

Although incorporating a broadcasting program sounds like it would be a lot of work, it is doable. The school has the equipment for videography and the students have the talent to utilize it.

Overall, adding the program to the student newspaper would benefit many, so why not try it? I think the school might be pleasantly surprise to see just how many students would be interested in participating in the new program.