Newspaper: New to Come



I think the future scholastic journalism should include video stories, but not so much replace or supplement the traditional writing. If we add videos to our stories I think we can get a lot more voluntary readers. And it could add a stronger volume to the story, like a deeper feeling. I think the readers will be a little more intrigued by that. Replacing the story with a video would work well too, but I think having both will be better. The video would add a view to the story and having a video would probably help the writer with making a story that they don’t know much about. It could express what they might not be able to express in words. I mean real news stations do it, they have the interview and video on video and  shows it on television, but then they also have a story over the video on their website. I understand the fact that were school journalism, but having this will make us look more professional and more multi-talented.

I also, think that having more of a world coverage than writing just about things happening at school. Having a world coverage could be used to draw more wanted attention from viewer, because that’s what they see and hear about on a daily. So, maybe having some opinion pieces on some of the popular news, will bring in readers opinions who would like to comment. I’m not saying that we have to cover a bunch of world news, because I know there’s only so much we can say. Having just a couple controversial stories could help.

Last but not least there’s social media. I think having a little bit of that will add more readers. Mostly because that’s  what most of our wanted readers are on. That can be a way to communicate with them and draw their attention from there.