Social media the future of publications



Technology and social media is advancing very quickly in this time. Everyone now has a smart phone the moment they step foot into middle school. So as you can imagine they also have social media accounts like Pinterest, instagram, twitter and Facebook. The yearbook and newspaper is a representation of the students and their interest. Why not use that to make more than just a newspaper that people only visit to participate in the voting and reading stories that include themselves. The problem with having a website is 1, the student has to want to visit the website to find what they want and 2, for some physically typing in the web address is just too much for them.

Why not bring our publications to twitter and Facebook? Posting our stories on twitter so it feeds right into their phone and they can read the stories there. This fatal problem can be changed though and I do understand that some people aren’t allowed to have social media. There will always be that problem, however for the majority twitter and things like that are a necessity to everyday life for some. If you add in the middleman and cut to the chase they will read it and they will become involved with it.

Just over 71% of the human population have a Facebook alone and only 23% claim they still read a physical copy of their local newspaper. If you were to ask the average high school student what the weather was going to be like tomorrow they 1, wouldn’t be able to tell you or 2, they would have a app for that. If you even desired to you could design your own app for the publication somewhat like what the yearbook did this year. Allowing the student to interact  with the publication as well as adding to it. Technology is a sky with a very high limit so why wait to utilize it?