The Truck-line

When you’re walking out of the door on a friday and you open the doors you would normally assume the air would be clear and the blue sky would have a handful of clouds, wrong! Expect a 100% chance of black “roll coal” clouds and your clothes to smell like diesel. This is one of several things in which the “truckline” members are responsible for. I understand black smoke might be cool and all but in 20 years combustion engines will probably be a thing of the past and electric will replace them. So why get attached to something that will be gone anyways?

Also I always ensure to park as far away from the south side parking lot because some tokyo drift wanna be in mommy and daddy’s car that has the parking brake engaged and is wastefully shredding the tires might show off some of his inexperience and wreck into your car. Just please wait until you are in the pool parking lot or out of range from damaging someone else’s property or injuring someone else before trying to bring back the dukes of hazzards.

Last but not least stop spitting out your saliva in the middle of the parking lot we all know what you are doing it and it’s annoying to be walking in to school and accidentally step into a puddle of spit. It is also very disgusting at that note but most of all it’s illegal. I know the “truckline” is just a stereotype but those who do park in that swamp of chewing tobacco cans and saliva puddles seem to help define the stereotype even more.