Debate opens season with win at Independence

Debate opened up  their season by attending three debate tournaments. The team was off to a strong start with several teams placing and some individuals placing as well. The teams including Abbi Koeser and  Randle Lewis, freshmen, won in the Gardner tournament and the team of Zach Waite,and Lexi Shaner, juniors, won in the Independence tournament. Carson Tappan, sophomore, won tenth place as an individual speaker at Washburn Rural open division. Six teams would end up coming home with medals. Debate sent 46 debaters to three tournaments.

“It was a strong start for our program this year,”  Brian Weilert, debate coach, said.

The team only has two seniors on the team with several second year and first year debaters. The two seniors are Kelly Stone and Matthew Parodi who are also defending state placers. Last year, they ended up placing third in the state tournament. The team lost several key people this season, meaning the young talents will have to step up to the challenge.

“I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect,” Kris Light, freshman said.

Light and Cristian Tosterud, freshman went 3-2  for the weekend at Washburn Rural novice division, which was a strong start for them “ Everything was new for me but I look forward to meeting new people and experiencing more tournaments.” Avery Aust, sophomore, a second year debater, also went 3-2 for the weekend with Jake Hill sophomore.  “I wasn’t nervous at all because this is my second year so I knew what to expect” Aust said.

The team will look forward this season with several tournaments on the horizon including the state tournament.