April Product Review- Fidget Cube


The Fidget Cube is a device to help keep focus. The device retails anywhere from $5-$20 on Amazon.

Brett Silance, Staff Writer, Editor of Stall Street, Editor of Social Media

It can be hard to stay focused in school sometimes, especially having 90 minute periods. With such long classes, kids can sometimes begin to lose focus. The creators at Fun Shop have sold a new magic little cube that can help people stay focused. This month’s product review is the Fidget Cube.

The product is all in the name, it’s a cube that one can use to fidget. On the cube, all six sides provide something to busy the hands, whether it be buttons, a switch, thumb grip, track-pad, spinning wheel, and a metal ball that will spin.

The Fidget Cube is small in its size with dimensions of 2 inches by in by 3 inches. The cube is also very light and easily held in your hand at a nice 1.6 ounces. The Fidget Cube is made out of a variety of high-quality plastics according to Amazon.com.

Certain Fidget Cubes come with a carrying case. The Fidget Cube that comes with a case retails for $17.


The Fidget Cube comes in a variety of colors to match anyone’s personality, including camo. Depending on which cube you buy and from what company determines the quality. My cube came from Fun Shop, and their cubes came with a carrying case to protect from possible damage.

No product is perfect, including the Fidget Cube. The one major con to the cube is the trackpad can get stuck and will not return to its original position without force. Another con is that if the cube is dropped the trackpad itself can completely break off. Also, I have found that when you are trying to fidget with one side another part of the cube may rub up against your hand, which can become very annoying.

There are many pros which include the fact that the cube can help kids with learning disorders, such as ADD/ADHD. Another pro is that there is always something to fidget with. I have never become bored with this product. Fun Shop really adds a nice touch throwing in a case to hold your Fidget Cube.

  1. With all things considered, this product is almost a five, but I have to dock it a point due to the fact that the trackpad became stuck just after a couple days of use. Overall I would highly recommend the Fidget Cube, with prices ranging from $5.00 all the way up to $20 on Amazon.com