Tips and Tricks for Surviving High School

December 6, 2017

How would you describe high school? According to our favorite research tool, Google, “High School is an academic institution providing education more advanced than elementary school or middle school but less advanced than college, typically grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.” When students were asked how they would describe high school, various answers were given. High School is -rough, stressful, ecstatic, hard, spirited- a place where you’ll learn some of the most valuable lessons. So how do you survive it? In this column, you’ll be given tips and tricks to survive these “best four years” of your life.

I’m new to LHS if that much wasn’t obvious. So you might be asking yourself “Why would I want to listen to the girl who doesn’t have the first clue about my high school?” The real question is, “Why not?” This will lead me to my first key point in survival: Find your group. Most of you have known your classmates since elementary school. You understand how your peers behave, who is most popular, who you get along with and who you dislike. Finding your group in the social hierarchy of high school is incredibly important. The group of friends that you trust to share gossip, help you with homework, and go to Overland Park or other hangouts with can determine your success in high school. They are the ones who you can turn to with any needs and are there to learn along with you in your journey to figure out the real world.

Sure, academics are a major part of high school, but your group is the major social part. Your friends help with homework, dealing with drama and even planning what to wear to prom. They’re the ones who help you become more successful in high school. Sometimes, you’ll find that your group slowly changes over time. This person turned out to be not-so involved, this new girl is actually really awesome, etc. The important ones are the ones who stay consistent. Everyone knows that there are many groups in high school. There’s your stereotypical groups like jocks, goths, bandgeeks, cheerleaders, nerds. What about the people who belong to none of these groups or several of them at once? Where do you belong? Try getting involved in sports, clubs or other school activities to meet new people. Get out there and make yourself known. Join a club for fun, try a sport that you’ve always wanted to play.

For me, personally, I tend to love classes like band, history and English and yet my group tends to be full of athletes; like my best friend who plays softball. It’s all about figuring out who you get along with and who you trust. Everyone needs someone to lean on in times of hardship and someone to laugh with in times of joy. That’s what finding friends is all about. Be sure to be open-minded and friendly with as many people as possible. Social networks are an important part of surviving high school and beyond. Be smart with your choices and you’ll survive. Have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Message me via text or email and I’ll be sure to include your input. Good Luck!