Tips and Tricks for Surviving High School

Part 3: Being involved in High School is important.

Tips and Tricks for Surviving High School

Faithanne Burgoon, Staff Writer

As a high schooler, you may realize that there is a lot that goes on. Basketball games, football games, homecoming events, soccer games. A major part of surviving high school is becoming involved. What many freshmen don’t realize is that becoming involved in your school creates a happy healthy teenager. Experts at say, “The more you achieve success through activities you’re passionate about, the more your self-confidence will improve.”

Becoming involved in a sport, academic or other extracurricular activities can improve your high school experience in many ways. Teens who are involved in things such as sports teams, theater programs, or even debate and forensics often have healthier relationships with friends and better self-esteem. It is also very important to be involved because it looks better on college applications. Teens who do sports, run for student council, or compete in forensic tournaments are more applicable for scholarships when applying to colleges. Whether you play sports, join spirit club, or any other events, being involved during all four years of high school is important. Students who are involved have better social skills and are mentally and physically healthier. Feel free to go try out for a new sport or join a new club. Find where you fit in and are passionate about. Teens who are involved in competitive activities learn the importance of winning and losing while also learning good sportsmanship.

Be involved in school, have school spirit and enjoy it. These are four years of your life that you should be able to enjoy while also bettering your future and your mental health. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Good things can happen when you’re involved.