Tips and Tricks for Surviving High School

Part 5: Preparing for finals and saying goodbye to seniors.

Tips and Tricks for Surviving High School

Faithanne Burgoon, Staff Writer

By the middle of April, we often see students impatiently awaiting the end of the year. We’ve done enrollment, prom is over, finals and graduation are in sight. As the end of the year approaches, our senior friends focus more and more on graduation. Graduation invites and parties, senior pictures and college plans become the talk of the school. So what might this month’s advice be? The advice I have for you, comes in two parts: preparing for finals and making your last month with your senior friends one to remember.

Experts say that 86% of teens enjoy school. Eighty-three percent say that their friends are the most important memory from high school. (

So what makes this piece of advice so important? Every year, we come back to school in the fall, excited to see the peers we haven’t seen all summer. As we get older, we realize that the seniors don’t come back in the fall. Our friends slowly move on to other aspects of life. It’s important to make the last month with the seniors one to remember. Take pictures with them, invite them to spend time with you. Go to all the graduation parties so you have the proper send-off for those who mean the most to you. The seniors commonly were most known for mentoring each of us at one point or another.

Another very important piece of advice, as many seniors would tell you, is getting properly prepared for finals. We seem to get lost in all the excitement at the end of the school year that we forget about finals. These are the ending grades that can make or break you.

Hopefully, you have spent the last three months getting your work done so that one test doesn’t determine your grade, but just in case,  be sure not to get lost in all the chaos. Get your homework caught up if needed. It is better to have it all turned in before May so that you don’t have to run around at the end of the year. Create study groups with your friends and focus on finishing the semester out strong. This is also a good way to spend time with your senior friends. That senior who already took chemistry and is incredibly good at it? Ask him or her to help you create study materials such as flashcards or a vocab list. It’s easy to tie your friends in with your study habits. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for any help you might need to keep up your grades at the end of the year. Your teachers want you to succeed.

The end of the year is so close that we are eager to rush through all these important last minute details. Slow down. Finals can be a breeze if you take the time to prepare. Breathe. Summer is almost here. As a junior, I have realized that before you know it, you’ll be entering your senior year. The end of the year is incredibly important; you just have to take the time to prepare for it.