The Walk: This too Shall Come to Pass

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The Walk: This too Shall Come to Pass

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As senior year is coming to the beginning of the end, many seniors took the walk across the floor to be recognized for their accomplishments in high school extracurriculars. These Senior Nights occurred October 11th for volleyball, the 13th for Soccer, Band was on the 14th, and Football, XC, and Cheer all were on the 21st. This is one of the pinnacle moments of one’s high school experience.

“Surreal.” Erin Deatsch, a senior band member, expressed after walking across the track in tears on band senior parent night.

Many seniors experienced the same fear and joy as she did when they walked as well. Many not knowing what they will be doing and some not even continuing the legacy they have left in the eyes of many here at Louisburg High.

Thomas San Agustin, a senior football player, said, “You don’t know when your last time is. And time will fly by and you will wish that you have put more effort in.”

As senior parent night occurs at the last home game of the regular season, it is emotional, because unless they host playoffs it is the last time they may compete or participate. The hope is that the legacy of their four years live on in the underclassmen.The maturity and inspiration from the seniors can even affect how they play/perform.

I hope next year the returning cheerleaders will share stories about our time together with the new cheerleaders, and hopefully the new cheerleaders can have a laugh about the stories and maybe learn a lesson or two,” Claire Houchen, a senior cheerleader, said.

Many lessons have been learned from those who have come before and those that are yet to come. Striving for the future, makes the game a little easier to play. Lessons are learned regardless, but to clearly understand how they affect people, they have to learn a lesson for themselves. So here is a list of the things that you can learn by walking across that track/field:

  1. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the point of walking. Countless hours are spent practicing in your four years to get to that point, and when you get there the hard work pays off.
  2. You can’t do it alone. Literally, your parents walk with you. And your whole team is there to back you up and help you get to the accomplishments you have made.
  3. Don’t take any second for granted. Life moves really fast and if you don’t cherish the moments they will never return. The people who have your back on the field have your back off the field and the moments you create together are irreplaceable. Live life to the fullest and never forget to thank those who help you on the journey we call life.

The volleyball Seniors that walked on the 11th are: Tayler Lancaster, Ellie Katzer, and Olivia Bradley.

The Soccer Seniors that walked on the 13th are: Jacob Benne, Curran Conklin, Herman Knipp, Ty Martin, Calvin Cassida, Kolten Ragan, and Noah Juarez.

The Band Seniors that walked on the 14th are: Ashley Allen, Thomas Allen, Hanna Becker, Lauren Becker, Lily Cook, Lucas Curnutte, Thomas Dalton, Ryan DeAmaral, Erin Deatsch, Jud Deering, Jamie Gates, Clara Gentges, Edgar Guzman, Jackson Hoyle, Sarah Jones, Mara Justesen, Colten Kitchen, Nathaniel Mason, Maggie Meigs, Teresa Morgan, Quinn Reitz, Caitlyn Reynolds, Alex Richardson, Cale Riley, Dustyn Rizzo, Grace Rolofson, Levi Smith, Madison Trageser, Kennedy Unthank, Johanna Vickrey, and Julia Walker.

The Jazzy Cat Seniors that walked on the 14th are: Lauren Cain, Katie JoRay, Quincy Rice.

The Football Seniors that walked on the 21st are: Lyndon Smith, Connor Green, Grant Harding, Thomas San Agustin, Jake Hill, Korbin Hankinson, Jackson Ewalt, Nick Hull, Ben Hupp, Owen Staver, Dalton Frazier, Mason Koechner, Matt Rison, Dustyn Rizzo, T.J. Dover, and Thomas Dalton.

The Cross Country Seniors that walked on the 21st are: Lily Cook, Hailey Crowder, Kaitlyn Gaza, Elizabeth Hildreth, Mara Justesen, Bryn O’Meara, Austin Raetzel, Grace Rolofson, and Madelynn Yalowitz.

The Cheerleading Seniors that walked on the 21st are: Abby Reedy, Avery Aust,Claire Houchen, Megan Eberhart, Gracie Key, Racheal Bellinger, Hanna Becker, and Lauren Becker.

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