New Entries in the Ring

New Entries in the Ring

AJ Rundberg, Staff Writer

Among many of the honors Louisburg holds, being a frontier league school has led it to make the many feats that our students have accomplished possible. The frontier league not only includes Louisburg, but many other schools such as, Baldwin, De Soto, Eudora, Ottawa, Paola, and Spring Hill. Now the frontier league is in line to gain three new schools under its belt. The schools planning to join the frontier league are Piper, Tonganoxie, and Bonner Springs. This is all possible through the lengthy process of proving they are acceptable to join the frontier league.

“To be eligible to enter our league, the schools were required to make a presentation telling us about their own individual school, what activities they had, and what they felt they could bring to the Frontier League.” stated Darin Gagnebin, LHS vice principal.

The reason behind the entry of these three new schools is because of problems with their former league. Though the entry of these three new schools has already been approved, the process to evaluate the new schools was extensive to make sure it would benefit the current league schools and league overall.. The league principals are anticipating good results as well as maintaining a functional league with the addition of these three new schools..

They petitioned our league for membership for various reasons. One of the main reasons was that they were unhappy with the direction their current league was going in terms of membership and the increasing size of some of their league schools.  As a league, we also saw the advantage of adding schools similar to us to solidify our numbers in case some original schools in the Frontier League decided to leave in the near future,” Gagnebin said.