November Student of the Month

Academic student of the month is a merit based recognition system, which means a student must meet one or more of the proper qualifications as observed and nominated by the faculty to receive the award. Those qualifications include exceptional performance in the classroom and academic realm, willingness to help others academically, leadership in the classroom, and improved academic performance. There is also an option for the teacher to select “other” during the nomination process and include an outside reason for their nomination of the student. All nominations remain anonymous. In the month of November 2017, two students stood out in this aspect: juniors Austin Moore and Melia Rice.

Austin Moore was nominated for all four of the standard categories, including an ‘other’ option that stated “being awesome.”

One of the nominating teachers said in their form, “Austin exhibits a positive attitude, willingness to work hard, and the ability to listen first before responding. He works well with other and leads by example.”

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Melia Rice was nominated for exceptional performance, willingness to help others, and leadership.

Her nominating teacher wrote, “Melia is extremely nice to everyone in the class, inclusive, and always has a positive attitude in my class. She is creative and works above and beyond on all of her art projects to make them extraordinary. She is always willing to help out in the classroom with anything and openly shares her artistic ideas with others in a positive way. She is a very talented artist.”.


Students who were nominated but did not win include Braden Aiken, Braden Gage, Calvin Dillon, Ryan Haight, Grant Ryals, Cole Green, Luke Kelly, Noah Hill, Madison Svoboda, Raven Hamilton, Faith Seuferling, McKenna Allen, Natalie George, Bailey Belcher, Sidney Wilson, Hallie Hutsell, Shay Whiting, and Lilly Mick.