The Band Garage sale

Liam Symes

The Band Garage Sale isn’t just a fundraiser, it’s a tradition. April 25-28, the biggest money maker for the band occurred, and it is a tough job to pull off, from collecting donations, to arranging and setting up, to creating the band helper account system, and finding parent volunteers, but all tasks were met and the event netted the band 13,000 dollars.


The garage sale, which is the biggest fundraiser band holds, sells thousands of old items donated by community members and also silent auction items from businesses and individual donors in order to raise funds for future trips and expenses.


“On our silent auction table, we had over 100 items.his year was a bit above average, and we made about 13,000 dollars,” Band director John Cisetti said.


Band students and volunteers run the sale in orange shirts emblazoned with the word “BAND.” Jobs filled by students and volunteers include unloading, organization, pricing, sales, and setup.


“It takes a lot of people. It’s a lot of work for a short amount of time but then it’s over. We start Tuesday afternoon with an empty gym. Kids come in, and we start setting up tables.The merchandise starts coming in, and people are donating things, and we get it all set out and priced Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon into the evening. Thursday afternoon we start selling and all day Friday and Saturday morning, and then Saturday afternoon we start the cleanup, and by five o’clock the gym is empty again. Sweep the floor and turn off the lights, and it’s like it never happened, except we got all that money,” Cisetti said.


Volunteers work to add money to the Band account of their choice, raising funds for a specific band member. Many volunteers enjoy working at the sale, especially band members, who work to pay their way on future trips


“Working at the garage sale is an interesting experience, and I earned 80 dollars,” Adrian Symes, junior, said.


Working at the sale isn’t just about money, however. The chance to just volunteer and be part of the full band experience also gets members motivated.


“I have no idea how much I added to my account. I just like volunteer work,” Jordyn Coons, sophomore, said.


The Band garage sale is a prime example of the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and helps recycle items through the Louisburg community. The items donated are sold at very low prices, and it isn’t difficult to find something great amongst the long tables heaped with used items. Supporting the Louisburg band, underpriced items, and people that you already know, and more make the Band Garage Sale the biggest fundraiser of the year