Broadcasting a New Tradition

February 1, 2017

Paul Michael Davis

If you walked onto the mezzanine of the high school’s main gym on December 13, you would have seen, and heard, the start of a student broadcasting team at Louisburg High School. You, too, might have heard the same if you had tuned into MCTV Live’s website. This is because sophomores Beckett Rasmussen, Logan McClellan, Brody Knipp, and Gabe Rader have started live audio streaming varsity boys’ home basketball games beginning with the game against Eudora .

Rasmussen proposed the idea to Michelle Laubenstein, the director of LHS’s Photo Video Club. With her help, they began their endeavor.

“It’s kind of like a trial run right now, so we pick and choose our games. We’ve done Eudora and Spring Hill and we plan to do DeSoto,” said Rasmussen.

Laubenstein helps with the project as much as she can, but the students are really the ones pulling the strings. Rasmussen contacted MCTV Live in hopes that, after having represented LHS Wrestling the previous year, they would help them too. He also brought the idea to both Laubenstein and his team after seeing the success of it in another school. Along with the initiative he has taken, Rasmussen also wants to expand upon this program. He hopes to make it to where not only varsity basketball home games are broadcasted, but also basketball away games, other home sports’ games, and eventually even away games for all other sports.

“Beckett is the point person for starting the sports broadcasting program and has the most knowledge regarding the vision to include other sports being announced at LHS games,” said Laubenstein.

Success has been fast approaching for the program and is already expanding. With access to the equipment they had, the team has only been able to live audio stream the games, but both the four students and Laubenstein are working out a way to both audibly stream it and visually stream it. Currently, they live stream audibly while also videotaping, but only later upload the video. They do this all with the help of Paul Davis who is their sponsor from MCTV Live. MCTV has both a website and a YouTube channel where the broadcasts are uploaded. Eventually, the team hopes to be able to stream and upload the games directly to the USD 416 website.

With all of the ambitions the team currently has for the program, they need all the help they can get. Both Rasmussen and Laubenstein hope for and welcome any LHS student who is interested in joining. You can also download the MCTV Live app to watch and listen to recordings of the games.

When Rasmussen proposed the idea, he not only did it in hopes to make the program something enjoyable for all students, he did it because he thought it was enjoyable.

“You kinda just have to go with the flow. Practice beforehand and watching other people do it before hand so you know kind of the tone to have and the sense of seriousness and tranquility to have. It’s also extremely fun. I love every second of it. It can be nerve-racking, but once you start going, it’s easy,” said Rasmussen.