LHS Early Winter Homecoming

February 2, 2017

Shay Whiting

The LHS winter homecoming was scheduled very early this year, which had many students wondering why.

The early date for homecoming was then postponed by mother nature in the form of a threatening but mild ice storm. The rescheduled event took place January 27, but the question of why it was originally early loomed.

“One of the main reasons homecoming was scheduled so early was due to the lack of home basketball games on Fridays,” said Michael Pickman, STUCO advisor.

There are only approximately four Friday night home games this season at LHS, which doesn’t really give much option considering one of those games is reserved for senior night.

“I didn’t want to interfere with the senior night, there would be too much going on between the candidate crowning, the dance, and all the seniors and their parents,” said Pickman. “My only other option was before winter break, and I didn’t like the idea of having it that soon,” he said.

STUCO was prepared before the snow day even occurred and had the 27 as the backup date. Another factor that played into the original date was that the girls’ basketball tournament would be played January 28.

“I didn’t want to put stress on the girl basketball players, with having the dance until 11:30 and them having to wake up early and play in a tournament at 9:00 the next morning,” said Pickman. “I didn’t want them to not come to the dance and miss out on all the good times,” he said.

After the rescheduling was set in place, the next issue was whether or not to have the full day of homecoming festivities or just have the two-hour talent show and have a shortened class schedule. The administration, who were highly applauded by students for their decision,, allowed the students to enjoy the full day of homecoming festivities.