StuCo Elections 2017

Josh Sellers, Co-Editor

On Apr. 7, Louisburg High School students elected Kai Tinich and Grant Ryals as the  2017-2018 executive president and vice president of Student Council, defeating opponents Scott Murphy and Skylar Keaton. The winners, Tinich and Ryals, will be replacing Carson Tappan and Abby Reedy.

President-elect Kai Tinich bonding with classmates Garet Lowrey and Tomi Frederes. He and Vice President Grant Ryals plan on increasing student involvement.

The winning administration has optimistic views regarding the success of their time in office. Both hope to instill changes to improve Student Council next year.

“It was pretty exciting hearing [that we won.] I’m excited to make a whole bunch of new changes next year,” said Tinich said.

Ryals admitted feeling nervous about running, but once the shock of winning wore off, he, too admitted happiness and optimism for the future.

“It feels pretty good. I kind of doubted it in the beginning, but I think it’ll be good,” Ryals said.

The newly elected officials will replace this year’s president Carson Tappan and vice president Abby Reedy. Tappan, who expressed his congratulations to  Tinich and Ryals, plans to meet with them to help prepare them for their elected roles.

“They’re good guys and they’re personable. They’re easy to talk to, and I think they can communicate their goals well,” Tappan said. He is planning to hand over his year’s notes, electronic documents, and materials and plans to meet with the pair to help transition into next year and their responsibilities.

According to Tinich and Ryals, their plans include bringing back announcements, increasing involvement with the community, and donating to local organizations.

“I feel like we can help the Stuco out and make sure the next coming year is a good year,” Tinich said.

Despite losing the election, Murphy and Keaton are both confident that the winning administration will bring good changes.

“I think that Kai and Grant are gonna do a good job,” said Keaton said. “I’ve never been vice president. I was hoping to win, but I don’t feel bad or anything. We were going to try to do a lot more to involve the students in winter homecoming, but I think that Grant and Kai are really open to everybody’s ideas, so I’m pretty sure that Scott and I’s plans are going to go through anyway. I’m grateful that they won.”

Murphy added similar sentiments.

“Kai appears to be taking some initiative, and he looks like a solid leader with some interesting, powerful decisions. I think he’ll do a good job,” said Murphy said.