Paper Wasted at LHS

Reams of printed paper that were left behind sit on the back table near the library copier.

Reams of printed paper that were left behind sit on the back table near the library copier.

Faithanne Burgoon, Staff Writer

The library copier at LHS releases approximately 1,041 sheets of paper a day. Of these papers, almost half are left behind and recycled at the end of each day. The library student copier has been involved in what library aide, Abby Werth, has named the paper epidemic. This is where at least two reams of paper have been wasted every day since the school year started.

By the end of the week, Werth ends up recycling several reams of wasted paper. A ream has 500 sheets of paper and costs about $6.99. Students are seen by multiple faculty members in the library wasting paper anywhere from 5 to 10 times a day.  

“Someone will print something and if it does not immediately come out of the printer they’ll hit print again and it just takes a little bit for the printer to receive it because we’re on wifi and they’ll print multiple times. Or if they are printing off [of] the internet they’ll print everything instead of highlighting what they want,” Werth said.

Some very common reasons for wasted paper is lack of patience, printing too many copies or not highlighting exactly what you need to print. The library copier releases approximately 1,041 sheets of paper every school day for copy and print jobs. The total amount of paper that has come out of the copier since the school has owned it is 940,550 sheets. Some ways to prevent further wasting could be printing two-sided and printing only what is needed. Printing entire articles off the internet including pages of comments when unnecessary is one of the most common reasons for wasted paper.

“We could start using secure printing for students.” says principal, Dr. Thomasson.

Secure printing would require students to type in a code to use the copier just as teachers do. A set limit of paper could be applied to prevent further wasting of paper. The ‘Paper Epidemic’ could be prevented with a little more patience from students.