Teachers and School Organizations Involved in a Push For Twitter


Faithanne Burgoon, Editor in Chief

The start of the 2018-19 school year came with a push for teachers and different activity groups to use Twitter accounts. Whether it’s a sports team or an academic class, many have active Twitter accounts with up to date information about school events, results, honors, happenings in the classrooms,  and upcoming events in the school and community.

“A big reason [for the push for Twitter] was that we want the people of Louisburg to see the high school in a positive light on social media. As a way to promote the good things happening at the high school and give a window to see what’s happening here,” principal Jeremy Holloway said.

Students from all grade levels are connected to technology in ways that generations before them don’t understand. Many agree that the push for social media pages gives students the motivation to join events with all the needed information at their fingertips. Many organization sponsors and advisors turned this information into a way to get students involved while also promoting their events.

“[We started a Twitter account] to get information out quickly about our events and share fun things that StuCo is doing,” StuCo Advisor Kathryn Siefken said.

Teachers such as Kimberly Payton tweet pictures of students doing class activities such as her tweet about the Poetry Scramble in AP Literature. Students are more frequently seeing themselves mentioned in tweets. The counselors such as Amy Wells use Twitter to send links about new scholarships to apply for. Twitter has a feature where notifications can be set every time certain accounts make new posts. Students now simply change their notification settings to get new information posted on Twitter sent straight to their phones.

“Most kids are social media freaks, and now you can turn notifications on when things are posted from the school,” LHS student Lily McDaniel said.

Students are more likely to come to events when they have the notifications on their social media accounts. According to an EdTech survey, 69% of educators said that the use of technology such as Twitter has helped students in ways they didn’t think of before. Many studies show that the use of technology to promote school and class events will inspire active learning and attendance to school functions. Our students here at LHS agree. A quick poll shows that 9 out of 10 of our students are more likely to attend events when promoted by sites such as Twitter. Apart from Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter is one of the largest known and more used apps by students.

With many organizations joining the Twitter rage, students and teachers alike look forward to how the use of technology will expand the school’s influence.