LHS Adds New Grab and Go Breakfast Cart


LHS students buy items off of the Breakfast Cart during passing period after advisory.

Faithanne Burgoon, Editor in Chief


Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Our new breakfast cart in the mornings affirms that it is. Whether a student missed breakfast, wanted a second helping to be full, or just wanted to stock up for later, the breakfast cart the lunch staff started at the beginning of the second semester fills those needs.

Kristi Weers and the lunch staff applied for and received a grant to fund a lunch cart made available after school has started to provide students a second chance to obtain a Grab and Go breakfast to ensure students are not missing that vital meal.

“This is a great opportunity for students to get breakfast if they miss it due to early morning testing, sports or late start,” Weers said.

The cart is full of ala carte items such as breakfast bars, donuts, water and juice. On days where there is enough left over from first breakfast, there will be hot items for the ability to purchase a full reimbursable meal. A student simply puts in their lunch number and the system links to skyward and takes the money directly from the student’s lunch account.

“[The cart] is a great idea that I wish had been here my freshman year. It would’ve saved me from missing breakfast all these times,” senior Trevor McCorkle said.  

The cart is in the main hallway when the four hallways connect on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:20 after Advisory lets out. Wednesdays, due to late start, it is available at 7:45 in the front entrance.

“Right now, we are looking for places that have the most traffic,” Weers said.

Approximately 25-30 students a day can be seen taking advantage of this new breakfast cart after advisory everyday. The amount of people participating is growing daily and many hope this new trend will continue.

“The cart has shown a lot of potential for growth. We hope that everyone will stop by and check out what we have,” Weers said.

In September the lunch staff was establishing whether or not they wanted to apply for the grant funded by KSDE, the No Kid Hungry Act, Share Our Strength, and Midwest Dairy Council. The idea for this grant was developed by these groups and made available to all Kansas schools. After much determination, the staff decided to apply for this grant.

“We had been throwing around the idea of [the cart] for awhile, and after much deliberation and talking, we decided to go forth with [the idea],” Mrs. Kristi Weers said.