New Year, New Ways of Teaching

Remember the last time you wrote on paper in class? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Many people have said that the Chromebooks are helpful, but have noticed that many things can become hard to do on the computers. It seems as if many teachers expect us to be tech savvy. Yes, we do have smartphones but, let’s be honest, social media doesn’t require much.

This year, many students have been slacking because they can blame their computers for not getting their work done. The computers are making us lazy; we could care less about assignments on the computer because they require a lot more work than writing a paper on an actual piece of paper. Yes, it may be painful to write an essay on paper (you may even feel like your hand is about to fall off), but it’s a lot easier to read a source on the internet and write it on a separate sheet of paper rather than on two different tabs. School was easier when we didn’t have to do everything on the computer.

Now that we have computers, teachers also assign more work. Imagine that there is an essay due at the end of the block and then realize that there is a powerpoint that is due next class, but that’s not just in one class. That’s in multiple classes. Students get home from school, afterschool activities or work and there isn’t enough time for essays and projects. All they want to do is sleep but, of course, they stay up all night and work on them because they know that if they fall asleep in class they can hide behind their computer screen.

High school was so much easier when we wrote on paper. Everything was easy to turn in; students just had to get out of their seat and turn it into a basket. Now we have to go through a  long process on the internet for things to turn in and it’s awful to go through, especially if you can’t get connected to the internet in a certain class.

The school has tried so hard to improve the way we learn, but is it really improving anything or is it just setting us up for failure? That is always a possibility.