Louisburg: Small Town, Big Heart

Small town Louisburg: nothing happens here but football games and tractor pulls. Nights are spent ordering the same drink a thousand times at Sonic and driving on the dark gravel roads. It’s where getting dolled up means putting on the least filthy pair of boots or a maxi skirt. At least, that is what it use to be. Now nights have been taken over with finding the perfect instagram selfie or blowing up a snapchat story. What Louisburg is, or what it was, hasn’t changed. Yet the tiny town’s lessons it teaches is being forgotten. It’s time to say thank you to the town that raised so many talented people.

Louisburg doesn’t have a shopping mall, a movie theater, or even a bowling alley, but that has never stopped the students from finding a place to hang out. Louisburg is where on Wednesday mornings, students can be found eating breakfast next to senior citizens at the famous “Ms. B’s” diner. A small town perk that never gets old,  the cinnamon rolls are to die for. Not to mention the 50’s themed diner that anyone that needs a pick-me-up can get greasy fries and juicy cheeseburger. In big cities it can take months, even years to discover the perfect burger restaurant, but in Louisburg it’s possible to find one.

The high school band has been working at their dream of marching in the Rose Bowl parade. To do this they asked the help of the entire community for support, and the community shut down the busiest street in town to let them make an audition video. Larger schools can barely get recognition for the band unless the football team is doing well also. In Louisburg, though, even people without kids are seen taking their cars to the annual car wash and by goodies at the garage sale. Everyone in this town wants to help the next person, whether it’s returning money someone dropped or starting a Facebook page to reuniting owners and pets. This town wants to help lift each other up. This vibe is not something that can’t be found in every small town, but in Louisburg it’s expected.

This town gives so much to each individual, and each individual gives back to its community, even in ways that can go unseen. Yet so much of the town is being taken it for granted, and being in a disrespectful way. It is up to each individual to make the most of it. A town with a history that isn’t exciting but that runs deep. A town with one of the biggest hearts in the United States. Never forget what is taught in the town that raised so many good people, never take anything it has to offer for granted.