Electing to Respect

February 1, 2017


Fibonacci Blue

In 1787, the electoral college was created. The only two modifications to the structure, besides those accomplished through Federal and State statutes, were in 1804 and 1961 and were minor changes. America has had relatively the same process for 230 years. Whether one believes that process needs to be changed or not, it stands as it is.

In the 2016 election, the electoral college played the role it has for the past 230 years. Its role led to the election of Donald J. Trump. In just one week after Mr. Trump’s inauguration, there have been many protests, marches, and statements concerning the president-elect, some showing support and others opposition. Most popular is probably the women’s rights march. While I understand what the women who marched were trying to achieve, I believe many went too far with what they were saying. The message went from “support women’s rights and equality for everyone” to “I don’t support Trump.” By focusing on Trump rather than their cause at hand, they not only limited the march for equality to those that oppose Trump, but they made the focus on just him. By doing so, they protested the person, two days after he was elected, and not the policies in place. One president’s views on things won’t change a law. There are representatives elected in both the house and the senate that play significant roles in changes as well. All of whom were also elected democratically.

Other demonstrations just after the 20th were the inauguration protests. Many who participated in these protests are now being charged with felony riot charges. There was reportedly significant damage done to the city. All of this was done in protest of the inauguration of the 45th president. Democratically, there is nothing wrong with protesting the ideas and views of the president; however, protesting his election and legitimacy as president is to refute our democratic system.

Everyone has their own view on the recent election of Donald Trump. However, protesting the position of the person America has elected to hold one of the most respectable positions in our country isn’t what America should be doing. You don’t have to respect Trump’s ideas. However, you should respect the position he holds, and you should respect the system by which he was elected.