The Making of a Better Student Council


Brooke Talmage, Editor In Chief

With the 2017-2018 student council elections having come to an end, my brain is reeling with thoughts about what next year could entail. Of course, the year could be quite vanilla with nothing new or exciting, but I have great expectations.

Kai Tinich and Grant Ryals were elected as executive leaders of Stuco, and I can only hope they’ll do a good job of leading the program, which I think they will. It’ll be a year with new leaders and new experiences as a member of Stuco, but I’m more concerned with what the overall school year will look like rather than what my time as a member will be like. I’m hoping for a few things to happen that I can’t really control with my role as a representative.

Student council should find a way to integrate getting good grades as a precursor for incentives. Right now, we do class points for showing up to after school activities and participating in spirit week, but we don’t do much to incorporate someone’s academic accomplishments. Louisburg High School currently has many Fs, and I think students might make more of an effort to keep grades up if they had better incentives. Student Council should team up with staff to brainstorm some ways to improve this issue.

I also hope that Stuco can integrate more charity work or random acts of kindness. Our school goes through periods of fighting being a big problem or bullying becoming bad and I think that if an organization were to take matters into their hands and do their best to combat that, problems like these wouldn’t arise at the rate they do now. When students find ways to make each other happy and focus on good things instead of bad, it becomes easier to get along.

Student Council is a big part of Louisburg High School that does many great things, but I think that as an organization, there are many things that could be done to make it and the things it does even better.