The week of October 2 will mark the beginning of travel during advisory for the 2017-2018 school year.  Before I can provide my opinion, I must provide the new structure and stipulations of advisory travel.

This year, travel will only be allowed on Thursdays and Fridays, with students remaining in their advisories on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Travel is only allowed for going to a teacher’s classroom. This means there will be no traveling to restrooms or lockers. In order to leave advisory, one must have a pass from the teacher they intend to go see and must obtain this pass before 7:55am the day they intend to travel.

Furthermore, teachers can only give out five passes per day. So if a student plans on going to see their math teacher, but that teacher has already given out five passes for that day, they’ll have to wait until the next available advisory travel or go at a different time.

Finally, a student with a pass must be in the assigned room by 8:00am and may not leave that teacher’s room until advisory is over. Therefore, if a student only takes 5 minutes to accomplish the work they needed to, they may not leave, even to go back to their original advisory class.

First, I will address those areas with which I have concern. While I understand that there were problems with the way advisory travel was set up last year with low supervision and easy opportunities for students to go places they shouldn’t, having travel open only on Thursdays and Fridays for five students per classroom limits the amount of students who get to receive help. Many students need help with different subjects, but because only five students are allowed per day, not every student will be able to go to their teacher to receive that help.

While I disagree with many of the ways travel will be regulated this year I do agree with the  stipulation limiting travel to multiple teachers or back to the advisory teacher. Having students stay at the place they go to in the morning reduces the amount of monitoring needed in the hallways, which allows teachers, paras, and administrators to focus on more important tasks or at least decreases the workload of the few people available for monitoring the halls during travel..

I don’t know that there is a perfect system of travel for advisory that pleases the majority of people, but I do know that the way the system will work this year isn’t beneficial to majority of students, which is why travel is important in the first place. As a student, the two subjects I, and my classmates, seem to need help with the most are math and science. Only five students being able to go to each teacher per day won’t help those students. Having time to receive help from a teacher shouldn’t be something a student has to fight for time for.

Imagine that 20 students need help with math; it would take them all two weeks to accomplish that if they’re limited to advisory! While I understand there is an expectation that students can go in after school, what about those who play sports or have a job? Every single student can’t or won’t give that up, so is it then not the job of the school to make sure a student has the time and capability to understand what they’re being taught?