Senior Will 2016


By Tara Marie Photography

I, Jennifer Straub, do acknowledge that I am of sound mind and body and do declare that this is my fake will and testament to be active upon the death of my senior year.

Firstly, I return my trumpet section to Mr. John Cisetti, for there are no safer hands.

To Jellers, legally Josh Sellers, I leave my hope, not because he doesn’t have his own, but because he seems to naturally imbue it in others (and because it will die and my own care like a neglected class pet).

My presentations I leave to Nelson, since he likes projects and will probably get a kick out of my attempts at witty slide titles.

Speaking of wit, I leave my share (limited though it may be) to Mrs. Quinn, because even though she doesn’t need it, it may give her the occasional chuckle.

My locker I leave to Miss Aubrey Prettyman, for her quiet dedication and its proximity to the band room. Plus, there’s nothing cooler than being 007.

Hugs to Alex Richardson, because she gives the best ones.

And lastly, but not least, I leave my good luck to Mr. Pickman. He’ll need it to captain this sinking ship.