Senior Will: A Remembrance of High School


Russell Walker Photography

My final year in the Pawprint comes to a close and the thought of moving on to the real world is a scary one. I fear that I might not make it into adulthood alive, so in my final article I will set my affairs in order.

My tape wand I leave to Josh Sellers. As one of the youngest staff writers, I trust he will carry on the traditions of the newspaper. Also he was the only one to ever laugh at my jokes, which allowed me to make more (jokes even though they were awful).

My chair I leave to Michael Pickman, advisor. I leave him this chair because he needs it more than I and it is truly his. The chair I coveted for many years seemed to be the comfiest chair in the entire school. After winning that chair fair and square, I return it to its rightful owner.

My spot in the Pub. Lab I leave for the next Editor in Chief. That spot is the best spot in the room to make notes on the board and has perfect view of the room. This is important as Editor in Chief to maintain the balance between having fun and getting down to business, something that which I struggled very much with. Write like you mean it, and always write the truth.

Finally I leave my cow, who is still missing, to the new members of the newspaper. Whatever the newspaper becomes and whatever becomes of it, remember that just like my cow, what is written won’t always be important to everyone, but it must be important to you. Those who do see it will enjoy it and they will remember it even when it becomes old news.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Everyone’s voices can be heard if they in fact voice it. Never be afraid to voice any opinion that needs to be voiced, but also remember to see the world with open eyes and an open mind.