LHS TSA Heads To Nationals

May 1, 2017

Four LHS students competed at TSA state in Salina, KS on March 28-30 and qualified to go to Nationals in June of 2017.

Of the four students who competed all of them qualified in at least one event and three of them are going. Ashley Allen, Thomas Dalton, and Scott Murphy plan to take the trip, but Austin Raetzel has decided not to go. Their advisor, Rodney Kasitz, will be accompanying the team.

Scott Murphy placed in four events and qualified in System Control and Debating Technological Issues. Murphy faced challenges will scheduling issues at the tournament, but still managed to contribute to the victory of his team. While System Control was competing, there was another event happening at the same time that took the third member of the team, Dalton, away from competition.

“Having one less man kind of handicapped us a little but we worked hard and overcame that,” said Murphy.

Both Raetzel and Dalton placed in multiple events, four and six respectively, and both qualified in System Control. System Control requires that the competitor has a robot kit they have brought from home in order to compete in the event.

“You are given a prompt on site and you have to use your robotics kit that you brought to complete that task. It’s a team event and trying to put everybody’s ideas into one single project was the hardest part,” said Raetzel.

Allen placed in six events and qualified in Prepared Presentation and Debating Technological Issues. In Prepared Presentation, you are given a theme and 24 hours to put together a 3-5 minute presentation using a powerpoint.

“It was hard because you have to write a speech and create a powerpoint in 24 hours while also competing in your other events,” said Allen.

On top of qualifying many events to nationals, the students also received non-qualifying placements. Allen also took 2nd place in Tech Bowl Oral, 2nd place in Future Technology Teacher, 3rd place in Problem Solving, and 4th place in Extemporaneous Speech. Dalton took 2nd in Tech Bowl Oral, 2nd in Transportation Modeling, 4th in Tech Bowl Written, 5th in Structural Design, and 5th in Engineering Design. Murphy took 5th place in Structural Design and 5th place in Engineering Design. Raetzel took 2nd place in Tech Bowl Oral, 3rd place in Problem Solving, and 5th place in Engineering Design.

The team will be driving to Nationals in Florida and the trip will cost each student $500. They have worked for a long time preparing their events and it has paid off now.

“I feel good [about them qualifying]. Louisburg always surprises me because they do decent or pretty well every time we go and a lot of it is their own work effort. In my opinion, I take quality not quantity and they usually deliver,” said Kasitz.

Qualifiers Ashley Allen and Thomas Dalton pose with their trophies.


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