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College rep attendance down due to sleep and socialization

Liam Symes, Staff Writer

No one can keep track of what 99% of students are doing during late start, but the remaining  1% are going to Wednesday morning college reps. Only 17 total people, in a school of 500+ students, have signed up for college reps.

College reps are scheduled by the school to come and provide information to prospective students, but attendance show few are taking advantage of the opportunity.

“Attendance isn’t what it should be,” said Mrs. Wright.

Many students don’t attend because they don’t know about college reps.

“I’ve never heard of a college rep. What is that?” junior Jeff Riese said.

Others would rather sleep in or socialize during their late start time.

Sophomore Evan Murphy said, “I don’t go to college reps because they’re too early. I want to sit with my friends in the commons during late start, but even if I wasn’t, I would want to sleep in.”

One only need check the announcements to find out which college reps are scheduled and on what date.  Then, a student may sign up in student services or just show up.  However, if no one is signed up, the rep is cancelled, so signing up is wise.

According to Amy Wright, LHS counsellor, students should go to college reps for information they will need after high school, and it can provide guidance for those who aren’t sure what the want to do after high school.

Considering why to attend, Wright said, “You might learn something you didn’t know before; plus you could get a free t-shirt.”

While it would seem a service best fit for juniors and seniors, Wright advises not to wait that long. “Most students should have a plan for after high school and taken the ACT by junior year,” she said.

Besides college reps in the morning, the school also schedules military branches to come during lunch time in the commons.

“Military recruiters come too, and I would consider them the same thing, but they come during lunches. I encourage kids to go up and talk to them, ask them the hard questions,” said Mrs. Wright

Every Wednesday until the end of first semester Louisburg will host a rep. Taking advantage of this can allow students to reap the benefits.

The representative schedule for LHS