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Students Required Escort Due to No Fly List

November 28, 2017

The No Fly List is a new disciplinary action at LHS where students are required to be accompanied by an escort to leave class. This decision came after the administration realized that a few students have taken advantage of hall passes and leaving classrooms too frequently during the block without returning. This action is meant to cut back on the amount of students leaving class. This list has been in effect since parent-teacher conferences and is discussed one on one with the student and an administrator. The list has recently become public knowledge due to gossip around the school. When students were asked if they thought this rule was fair, there were various responses.

“Being escorted to the bathroom is a bit extreme. We’re high schoolers. Set a time limit for when they’re supposed to be back or something.” said Kelsey Higginbotham.

However, junior Madison Svoboda thinks otherwise. “Yes, it’s fair that they have an escort. If they’re skipping classes, then it’s fair.”

Students have differing opinions on this latest disciplinary action but Mr. Holloway has done his best to make it fair and effective.

“Generally someone comes forth with an issue with a student, either a teacher or an administrator. Teachers are then notified that the student must be escorted in the hallway or face a detention,” said Holloway. Of course, the thought of an escort in high school has caused much controversy.

This action exists only as needed for students. Only a select few students have to be escorted as most who were originally on the No Fly List have stopped being a problem and have elected to use their passing periods for visiting with friends and using the bathroom.

“I get that it’s frustrating, but if you abuse the privileges that you’ve been given then action must be taken. It’s definitely an effective method,” said Holloway.

There are hopes that this action is continues to be effective and makes LHS a better learning environment.