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2017 Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner

December 12, 2017

Brian Houck, junior, serves a plate of food to one of the senior citizens in attendance.

Brian Houck, junior, serves a plate of food to one of the senior citizens in attendance.

Brian Houck, junior, serves a plate of food to one of the senior citizens in attendance.

On November 14 Louisburg High School and its FACS classes, taught by Amanda Wilson, hosted the annual Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner, a tradition that goes back to 1997 where students serve the senior citizens of Louisburg. This year was Wilson’s first time organizing the event.

The FACS classes at LHS help put it on along with the administration and the kitchen staff. The dinner is meant to serve as a way to include the senior citizens of Louisburg into the community and the high school.

“This is my first year planning it. Somewhere in mid October everyone helping meets to get the to-do lists organized. We then have another meeting in the beginning of November and again the day before just to make sure everything is ready to go. I also have to make sure I have the students chosen a couple weeks beforehand to get them ready,” Wilson said.

This year, 34 students helped, who were  elected on basis of quality of grades, little to no missing assignments, performance in class labs, communication skills, and personability. Wilson, wanted to make sure the students would not only be able to do the job well but would also be able to communicate well with the community.

“I tried to get a lot of my upperclassmen so they could help guide the others so it’s not all new people. It is beyond grades: it’s the characteristics they show and how well they are going to interact with the senior citizens,” Wilson said.

Wilson had to rely on many students to make sure everything went well. Upperclassmen would be able to help guide underclassmen in their tasks assigned, such as dressing professionally, setting the table the right way, serving them food, giving them drinks, and doing all of that with the correct manners.

“I was really excited because I worked it last year and it’s a really good community service opportunity that I can do during school,” said junior, Billie Casebeer.

The Thanksgiving Dinner opens an opportunity to bring the community closer with the high school students and with the people who work in it. A lot goes into it, but Wilson believes that it is worth it.

“It’s a sense of community. It’s humbling to be a part of it and to see that many people show. The students at the highschool care about [the senior citizens] and want them to come,” said Wilson.


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