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LHS Plans a Book Sale

February 1, 2018

Abby Werth, high school library aide, cleans the shelves of old books.

Abby Werth, high school library aide, cleans the shelves of old books.

Abby Werth, high school library aide, cleans the shelves of old books.

If one walks into the library and looks around, chances are they’ll see piles upon piles of old, barely used books. Abby Werth, Louisburg High School library aide has taken to cleansing the high school shelves of any book not checked out in the last ten years or more. Her plans are to have a book sale with all of the books that are deemed to be unused, unvalued, or unnecessary. Other qualifications for removal from the shelf for the purposes of sale are that it must not be a book for educational purposes (such as books on AP reading lists, reference books, etc) and it must be in good enough condition to sell.

Werth plans to reinvest the funds made from the sale back into the library. Students and staff will assess what they believe is most needed or wanted in the library and decisions will be made based on approval and funds.

I want the library to be a place where the students and staff can come not just to checkout a Chromebook or book, but to use the space,” Werth said.

Werth also plans to get students and staff more involved with the space they use on a day to day basis.

“I want to get some input from students on what they want to see in the library. Ideas from teachers, too, and what they can do to make the space an extension of the classroom,” Werth said.

While it has been approved by administration, word about the book sale hasn’t moved around the school much. Those of who that have are excited for the event.

“I think it gives students a good opportunity to have access to owning books without having to pay Barnes and Noble prices. I’ll definitely stop by when it happens,” senior Garrett Mills said.

Ideally, Werth would like to open up the sale not to only staff and students but to members of the community as well. She hopes to get the community involved in the school more and wants the students to interact with the community and the school library.


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