Seniors [Citizens] Taking Over LHS


The dinner is strictly for the senior citizens and consists of a traditional Thanksgiving meal: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie, cranberry fluff, and to top it all off, a dinner roll.

“A lot of preparation goes into this event,” said the director of the meal and LHS FACS teacher Caitlin Calaway. “We have a Thanksgiving dinner committee. This consists of adults who are involved in the dinner and help with the advertising, contacting, and various other preparation and tasks.”

Many people are involved in making this event possible: students, community members, LHS staff, and, of course, the senior citizens.

“The kitchen staff prepares all the food, the culinary department students wrap all the silverware, plate pies, plate cranberry sauce, arrange table settings, prepare for proper waiter/waitress etiquette, etc.,” said Callaway. “The art department makes the centerpieces, and overall it takes a team of people to help this event take place,” she said.

The district gives back to the community by providing the funds for putting on the dinner. The dinner produced a turnout of little under 200 senior citizens, with an average of around 165-230 attendees in the past years.

Thanksgiving at LHS has always been a time to give, and the culinary team is taking the steps forward to give back to the community that has given us so much throughout the years.