New Year’s Traditions

Be it watching the ball drop in New York, setting Christmas trees on fire in the street, or just hanging out with friends or family, there are many different traditions for the new year. Sixty-five out of 146 students surveyed at LHS say they practice some sort of tradition on New Year’s.

One of the biggest traditions in America is the dropping of the New Year Ball in Times Square. Thousands gather to watch in Times Square, with even more viewers watching from home.

Many students at LHS said they watch the dropping of the ball with family and friends. One student said they stay up until midnight to welcome the New Year. When asked what traditions they celebrate, one student said, “Watching the ball drop and taking down the Christmas decorations.” Many students said they like to party and be with family and friends during the holiday.

Many people around the world make New Year’s resolutions – goals to strive for the year. Another tradition celebrated worldwide is to reflect on the past year and what can be changed for the better.

Many traditions come from different religious beliefs and different countries cultures. According to, “in England, the custom for welcoming the new year is full of warmth and hospitality. They believe the first guest for the year will bring them good fortune, and should be male. The guest should enter through the front door bearing gifts for the kitchen, like a loaf. If the guest does not bear these gifts they are not to be allowed.”

For people of the Jewish faith, The New Year is a very important event. September and October are the months for welcoming the New Year. People are in high spirits, and there are festivals to celebrate. The origin can be traced back to the Holy Bible and was celebrated over thousands of years. The celebration lasts 10 days. It begins at sundown of day one and lasts till sundown of the 10th day.

Many different traditions are celebrated around the United States and the entire world. So this holiday, take the time to continue with past traditions, or create new traditions.