Kickball 2017

Homecoming Kickball a successful start to homecoming in 2017

Liam Symes, News writer

To kick off the 2017 Fall homecoming events this year, Student Council hosted the annual kickball game between the classes, a showdown of skill and physical fitness to let the most athletic class prove themselves as the best.


The games began at Lewis and Young Park with the first round matches pitting grade levels against each other: seniors vs sophomores and juniors vs freshmen. The seniors and the juniors won against the underclassmen, and the seniors moved on to the final round vs. the LHS faculty team after defeating the juniors.


“Participation was exceptional. It resulted in an abundant amount of points distributed throughout the different grades,” student body president Kai Tinich said.


To add to the excitement of the evening, this year’s student vs faculty game marked the first time in LHS history that the students defeated the staff, winning 28 to 5.


“Being the first seniors to beat the teachers, I feel pretty good about that, but they had no chance. We crushed them,” senior Will Smith said.


Part of that new faculty team was Mr. Jason Nelson’s sons, Micah and Jonah, ages 8 and 4. They were allowed to play the field, take at bats, and run the bases.  In fact, they were the only faculty team members to reach base all four times and accounted for four of the five runs scored by the faculty.


What was most impressive, though, was the seniors making sure these two had a great time by fielding the ball slowly and making miscues that let the boys reach safely and then making sure they were able to advance on the base path.  Watching the senior team have that respect and fun highlighted the game.


“It was cool. I thought it was good for them, and they enjoyed it a lot,” Nelson said.


Class points were given to the winners, with a whopping 190 points going to the seniors, who came in first place after beating both the underclassmen and the staff. The juniors (2nd) earned 80 points, the freshman (3rd)  collected 134, and the sophomores (4th) totaled 112.


“It was my first time going to kick ball, but I did very well. Put the team on my back,” senior Wyatt Reece said.


Stuco supplied water, and several new teachers participated, including Ms. Leanna Willer, math, Ms. Wilson, culinary,  Mr. Holloway, assistant principal, and Mrs. Abby Werth, library aide.


“I was proud of the seniors; they went out with a bang,” Werth said.


The night had a great turnout, with nearly the entire senior class attending.


“The kickball tournament went flawlessly,” Tinich said