LHS Students Have Scholarship Opportunities

Faithanne Burgoon, Editor in Chief

In March, the one thing that students typically look forward to is spring break. For LHS seniors, March is full of preparation for scholarships due. Most local scholarships are due March 26th. Louisburg is full of local scholarships available to a wide variety of students.

“There’s such a wide variety of scholarships because one size does not fit all. Some are based on financial need, some on academics and some on future plans. Scholarship money is spread to a wide variety of groups because donors want to help,” Mr. Marty Southard said.
There is a large number of seniors who participate in applying for these scholarships. Many seniors can be seen around LHS on the days leading up to scholarship deadlines rushing to get them finished.

“I have seen about 40 seniors apply for scholarships this year. Apply for many scholarships at a time and give yourself a better chance of getting the scholarship money you may need,” Mrs. Amy Wells said.

Louisburg has given approximately $130,000 total scholarship money last year alone. This is very important to most that plan to receive a post-secondary education. Many students pay for all of their books or part of tuition through these local scholarships. The LHS counselors are a large portion of the resources students need when getting questions answered about scholarships.

“Start putting together a resume as early as your freshman year. Add activities and awards you receive as early as possible,” Southard said.