LHS Select Choir Goes to NYC

LHS Select Choir before their performance. Picture from Mrs. Mary Quinn's Twitter Page.

LHS Select Choir before their performance. Picture from Mrs. Mary Quinn's Twitter Page.

Faithanne Burgoon, Editor in Chief

On April 4-8, the LHS Select Choir traveled to New York City to perform two pieces at the Lincoln Center.

The choir led by Mrs. Alison Moore traveled to New York by plane touching down in the Big Apple at noon Eastern time after having left at 6 A.M. from Kansas City. They would perform two selections and receive standing ovations for both.

“It was really cool. We had 250 members with a professional band to perform. That experience and environment were really unique,” senior Cole Williams said.

The choir did not receive music selections until the end of February. The pieces performed were a group of songs by a composer named Will Todd: “Mass in Blue” and “No More Sorrow.” The choir had to work around preparing for the State Music Festival and the absences due to sports at the end of school days.

“It was definitely a rush to get the songs prepared, especially with the duration and the difficulty. One of the pieces was 52 pages long,” Moore said.

During the trip, the choir explored some of the biggest monuments of NYC. They went to Central Park, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Wall Street, The Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center.

“My ultimate goal was for my students to get to experience New York and its amazing history and culture,” Moore said.

The choir also was able to attend a Broadway performance of Aladdin, took a ferry ride and had dinner at some of the most iconic restaurants, such as Bubba Gump Shrimp and Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

“We pretty much hit every big New York City tourist destinations. It was really fun seeing all those major landmarks,” Williams said.

The choir had to raise $1,875 for each student and chaperone attending. This did not include spending money. In the months leading up to the trip, the choir had sold t-shirts, hosted car washes, and held community fundraisers, like granny basketball, to raise money for the trip. Still, there were expenses account for.

“Dr. Biermann helped out the choir tremendously by paying for all meals that were not covered. It was amazing,” Moore said.

The select choir returned to school on April 9 to resume classes, but choir didn’t see much of a break in action as upon their return they had the State Music Festival Wednesday, April 10.

“This trip was completely new to me. I have never had to plan to the degree that I did for this trip but it was definitely worth it,” Moore said.